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Dental Well-Being Means Mental Well-Being

Dental health is tied more to overall wellness than most people know. Finding someone who can provide you with affordable dental services is vital to keep your overall health in check.

San Diego is one the top ten most expensive cities in the United States to get a dental procedure.

In a city where annual cleanings alone can cost around $500, it’s hard to imagine how much real dental emergencies would cost you.

This could be a very scary thought, considering that dental emergencies are pretty common. Medical emergencies are enough to worry about, but having to worry about how you’re going to pay for it on top of all of that? Ouch.

The good news is, this fear doesn’t have to be a reality.

As surprising as it may sound, there are places in the La Mesa area where affordable dental services are available. Take Collaborative Dental, for instance.

Affordable Dental is for Everyone

As a dental office in the La Mesa area for over 35 years, Dr. Fung and his staff know the area and its people very well. Something you often hear about his office is their willingness to work with people financially to get them the best affordable care.

Partnering with CareCredit, Dr. Fung’s office makes sure that people have the financial means available to them if they needed a loan for a dental emergency.

And to ensure that the people of La Mesa are getting the best care available to them, he offers a zero percent interest rate for the first whole year after your dental procedure.

Along with accepting over 15 different insurance plans, Dr. Fung’s office staff will call your insurance company to see if they can work something out so that you can be under their care and comfort. Now that’s taking the extra step.

Neighborly Care is Better Care

Collaborative Dental has been in La Mesa for almost four decades. Much of their staff are from the San Diego area and was raised there just like you.

These people are not only your dentists, but your neighbors, and they want to ensure that you are doing what is best for both your health and your budget.

They are so adamant about helping their community, that they strive to have everyone in the La Mesa, San Diego, and El Cajon area stop by to provide education. They teach communities how they should be treating their mouths via literature and demonstrations.

They even have a blog to inform the public of new developments in dental care. For free!

Collaborative Dental Changes Lives

There are dozens of dentists in the La Mesa area to choose from. But when you come see Dr. Fung and his friendly staff, they will treat you like family and give you the prices you deserve.

Nobody should ever fear heading to the poorhouse over a medical necessity. More importantly, nobody should ever be treated as if they don’t deserve basic healthcare.

Collaborative Dental offers everything from cleanings to teeth whitening, and even laser surgery. All while keeping your mind and wallet at ease.

For more information, or to contact their office, head over to check them out at