do i need a root canal

Do I Need a Root Canal? 5 Signs to Look For

Are you suffering from constant toothache pain? Is the pain starting to affect your day-to-day routine?
If this sounds like you, then you’ve probably already asked yourself, “Do I need a root canal?”

Root canal pain can be caused by decay, tooth damage, or disease. They often lead to serious infections if left untreated.

Millions of root canals are performed daily, so don’t be surprised if you fall victim also. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve listed 5 warning signs that mean a trip to your dentist.

Read on to get your pearly whites smiling again.

Severe Pain

Pain is typically your first warning sign that a root canal is needed. Pain and sensitivity is your body’s natural way of telling you that something is wrong.

Root canal needing pain is specific in that it gets worse when you apply pressure. This is because you have nerves deep inside your tooth. If those nerves become exposed, they are very easily irritated.

One wrong move and you can expect a sharp pain to shoot deep into your bones.

Does your pain worsen when you eat, bite down, or apply any kind of pressure?

Gum Swelling

Your tooth isn’t the only thing that gives you warning signs when something is wrong.

Gum swelling is usually an indication that something is going on beneath the surface.

Remember that infection we talked about?

If you are already experiencing gum inflammation, you may have an infection creeping up on you. In some cases, you may develop small raised bumps on the infected area.

Tooth Discoloration

You may notice a dark discoloration on your tooth. This could be caused by poor hygiene, stains on the enamel, or root damage inside your tooth.

Discoloration of your tooth does not necessarily mean you need a root canal, but it certainly isn’t a sign to be overlooked.

Sensitivity to Temperature

That first cup of steaming coffee in the morning is supposed to be the best part of waking up. But, if you’re in need of a root canal, you might as well just go back to bed.

Sensitivity to temperature, whether it be hot or cold, is a big warning sign. When that hot coffee fills your mouth and drips down into the affected tooth, those exposed nerves will start screaming.

Chips or Cracks

You could be a sports fanatic or maybe you just really like eating hard candy. Either way, it’s easy to chip a tooth.

When your tooth gets a chip or crack in it, the inside becomes exposed. This leaves the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels exposed to food particles and nasty bacteria.

A root canal is necessary to stop any infection before it spreads into your bloodstream.

Still Asking Yourself, “Do I Need a Root Canal?”

A root canal is a simple process.

An experienced dentist will drill a small hole into your tooth, clean out the pulp chamber, and seal it back up. Don’t worry, you’re numbed up for the whole process.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “Do I need a root canal?” It’s probably time to see your dentist. Schedule an appointment today with the most experienced dentists in the La Mesa area.