Professional Teeth Whitening

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, more than three quarters of all Americans believe that a great smile is vital to the success of their career. I’m not sure how accurate that is but I do know that a bright beautiful smile is incredibly important to most people. A huge majority of adults do wish their teeth were whiter and have tried many different things to achieve results. The last decade has brought with it the necessity of having the brightest whitest smile possible. Dr. Fung and the staff at Collaborative Dental have been giving people in the La Mesa area great smiles with shiny pearly whites for more than 35 years. Nothing pleases the dental staff more than seeing their patients leave with a big beautiful smile that they can’t wait to show off. At Collaborative Dental, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with an experienced cosmetic dentist who will provide your treatments with your comfort in mind. We accommodate and serve the community by offering La Mesa professional teeth whitening in office procedures and at-home whitening procedures so that our patients can sport those big beautiful smiles they love so much. Family members of Collaborative Dental can always be identified by their bright beautiful smiles.

La Mesa professional teeth whitening

Will dental insurance cover teeth whitening procedures?

The insurance company itself determines coverage for dental care procedures and treatments, including teeth whitening. With so many different insurance companies and varying plans, there is no general answer. Sometimes an insurance company may cover whitening procedures but many times they won’t because whitening is not considered a necessary procedure that is vital to your health. If you are considering a whitening procedure it is always best to check coverage first. Dr. Fung is always happy to attend a patient consultation before any procedure to answer questions in detail and explore all of the options.

Are teeth whitening procedures affordable?

Teeth whitening procedures can be a bit pricey which is why many people turn to over the counter products. However, the results achieved in a dental office will far surpass any results from store bought products. For patients who are truly looking for great results, the costs associated with having a professional whitening procedure are well worth the minimal inconvenience. The staff at Collaborative Dental understands that every patient has their own unique set of circumstances so they offer a variety of options to fit every budget.

What type of options does Collaborative Dental offer?

Collaborative Dental offers a variety of procedures and options to meet every price point and lifestyle. Every patient deserves a bright beautiful smile and we will work to help you achieve your desired results. Our two most popular options include in office whitening procedures and tray at home whitening procedures. There are pro’s and cons associated with each. If you live in La Mesa and are considering a whitening procedure it is best to set up a consultation with Dr. Fung at Collaborative Dental. He will explore each option available to you in detail so that you can choose the procedure that is right for you.

Can my teeth be damaged by the whitening procedure?

No, teeth whitening is safe now. When teeth whiteners first hit the market, they contained harsh abrasives that would damage tooth enamel. However, those harsh abrasives have since been replaced with chemical agents that are safe for teeth and tooth enamel. When you have a whitening procedure performed in a dental office, the dentist will likely use a special light to help open pores in the enamel so that the chemical agents can penetrate stains and work effectively. These pores will close but it happens slowly, usually over days or even a couple of weeks. During this time, your teeth may be sensitive to hot, cold, or even wind but it will dissipate with time. Not everyone experiences this sensitivity but many people do.

Do teeth whitening procedures hurt?

No, teeth whitening procedures are not, and should not be, painful. Usually it is not even necessary to administer any type of anesthetic because it is not needed. Again, the only side effect may be some temporary sensitivity to extreme temperatures.

Are there age restrictions on teeth whitening procedures?

There is no set minimum age requirement for teeth whitening. However, dentists usually recommend that a child is at least sixteen years of age or older before undergoing a whitening process. Adolescents are not fully developed which may make them more prone to irritation, especially along the gum line. It is best that development is complete and all teeth are fully erupted before considering any type of whitening procedure.

Why are my teeth a little yellow despite good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups?

Many things can contribute to the color, or discoloration, of someone’s teeth. Some factors are natural, such as heredity and aging. Other factors are outside agents, like a lifetime of drinking coffee or red wine. Smoking, drug abuse, and a poor diet can also contribute to discoloration and damage teeth. Our teeth stand up to a number of damaging circumstances throughout the course of our lives and it eventually begins to take a toll on them.

Will my fillings and crowns be whiter, too?

No, unfortunately they will not. The teeth whitening procedures will only whiten natural teeth. If you are considering the process, and have had a lot of work done in your mouth, it may be best to talk to your dentist first. If you have only had one or two procedures done in the front of your mouth, and it has been a while, you may be able to whiten and then replace the front fillings to match your new smile. If you have had a lot of work in your mouth, you may not be the best candidate for a whitening procedure.

What is the most effective available teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening treatments can vary from in-office procedures to products you can try at home,like whitening strips or trays. Typically, the most effective treatments are available in dental offices, but some patients experience good results with over-the-counter whitening systems. Although these treatments can take longer to work, you can temporarily lighten stains and discoloration, but results may vary.

How exactly do dentists whiten your teeth?

At a dental office, the dentist will use bleach to lighten and remove stains. After protecting your gums, the dentist will apply the bleach and use a powerful laser to activate the whitening agent. However, gray or brown teeth will be harder to whiten. Root canals require a different bleaching method that is used inside the tooth.

Should I avoid certain foods after whitening my teeth?

Once you get a tooth whitening treatment, you should avoid acidic, dark colored foods that often leave stains, like tomato sauce. You should also eliminate hot beverages that can cause sensitivity, like tea and coffee.

What causes sensitivity in the teeth after bleaching them?

Teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity for several reasons. First, the whitening agent can damage the surrounding area and irritate your gums. Your gums may burn for a few days after the bleaching procedure. Also, whitening can cause the dentin on the outside of your teeth to break down, which causes sensitivity to hot and cold drinks or foods. Use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth after whitening.

Are over-the-counter teeth whitening systems safe?

There are many teeth whitening products on the market you can use to remove stains at home safely. You can choose from plastic trays, strips, gels, toothpaste, and even products activated by light. Follow all the instructions to prevent damage to tooth enamel or sensitivity caused by bleach.

How do teeth whitening products from the dentist remove stains?

More people are whitening their teeth at home because of the affordable price and convenience. Regardless of the system, teeth whitening involves applying bleach with peroxides that will whiten the shade of your teethafter consistent use. Each whitening systems works differently, so it is best to do research before committing to a product.

Are teeth whitening products comfortable to use?

Depending on the product, you may feel some minor discomfort or sensitivity because of the bleach. Peroxide in the bleach whitens teeth, but it can also cause mild irritation or make teeth sensitive to different temperatures. Ideally, these issues should improve in a few weeks.

What type of insurance does Collaborative Dental accept?

Collaborative Dental gladly accepts a wide variety of insurances for your convenience. If you do not see your company listed here, feel free to call the office and we will be happy to attempt to verify coverage for you.

In Network

  • Aetna PPO & Aetna Discount Plan
  • Assurant PPO – In Network
  • Blue Cross Dental Blue: 100/200/300
  • Cigna PPO
  • Delta Dental (Premiere Provider)

  • Delta Federal

  • Delta TriCare

  • MetLife PPO

  • MetLife TriCare Dental Program

  • United Concordia PPO

  • United Concordia (Active Duty) – ADDP

  • Delta Dental PPO (Effective in 2 months)

  • GEHA Connection Dental Network – Includes Connection Dental, Dominion PPO, Principal Mutual Life PPO, United Healthcare Dental PPO, Lincoln Dental Connect, and Guardian PPO

Offering La Mesa Professional Teeth Whitening Services

At Collaborative Dental we understand how important a beautiful white smile is to people. Stunning white teeth can make you look years younger and dramatically raise your confidence level. We always offer multiple options so that our patients can choose the procedure that will fit them and their budget. Dr. Fung and his friendly staff at Collaborative Dental have a proven track record of success. They have been providing tooth whitening services, family care, and routine maintenance to patients in the La Mesa area for more than 35 years. In addition to offering whitening treatments, our top oral health experts also offer cleanings, fillings, extractions, dental crowns, root canals, bridges, clear braces, dental implants and even dentures. We are committed to providing affordable, family dental care in La Mesa and the surrounding region.

If you are considering having your teeth whitened, or you just have questions about the procedures, give Dr. Fung a call today. You can call our office at (619) 464-4346 to schedule a visit or set up an appointment online with our easy appointment request form. Come be a part of the family at Collaborative Dental in La Mesa. Teeth whitening does not have to be a complicated or expensive process.