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How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

It’s no secret that going to the dentist is vital to oral health.

It might be surprising, however, to learn that one-third of Americans haven’t been to the dentist in the last year. It’s one thing to know you need to go to the dentist. It’s quite another to schedule an appointment.

Is one year without a visit to the dentist really that long? What is the appropriate amount of time between trips?

Dental guidelines have changed over the years. There are many differences of opinion when it comes to dental schedules.

How often should you visit the dentist? Here is your guide on how often you need to go for routine care.

When to Visit the Dentist

You might be aware that most dentists schedule their patients every six months. But should you visit the dentist twice per year?

Dental organizations set this schedule to help prevent dental problems. The idea was to change the mindset around dental visits.

Previously, people would go to the dentist when they had a noticeable ailment. The twice-a-year schedule puts more of an emphasis on preventative checkups and cleanings.

Visiting the dentist every six months is a good rule of thumb. But it’s not always accurate.

People with tooth decay and periodontal problems might need to see the dentist more frequently. This applies to about half of Americans aged 30 or older who have periodontitis. Periodontitis can be very harmful to tooth and gum tissues and needs immediate treatment.

Other high-risk groups should see the dentist more frequently. These include smokers, pregnant women, people with weak immune systems, and people with poor dental hygiene. You might need to visit the dentist once per month or every few months if you’re a high-risk patient.

Benefits of Dental Visits

You might be able to get away with visiting the dentist once or twice per year. But there’s no denying the benefits of regular dental checks.

Dentists can check for dental problems that you might not be aware of. It’s best to take a preventative approach to oral health to avoid advanced issues. Regular check-ups can identify early stages of cavities, decay, and even oral cancer.

Frequent dental visits also help to remove plaque. Plaque can be hard to reach through traditional brushing and flossing. Plaque removal prevents gum disease and other serious issues.

Of course, you can avoid these issues through great home care. Consistent brushing and flossing is the best way to stay out of dentist offices.

Gum disease is preventable through proper oral care. You can reduce your risk for dental problems by practicing good dental hygiene.

You don’t have to go the dentist every few months. Regularly brush and floss and you can get away with visiting the dentist once or twice per year.

Your Schedule

The best way to maintain oral health is to visit the dentist. Every patient is different. Ask your dentist how frequently you should visit their office to make sure you are sticking to a proper schedule.

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