regular dental checkups

Why Are Regular Dental Checkups So Important?

A reminder pops up on your iPhone calendar. Make dentist appointment, it reads. You tap to dismiss, thinking you’ll get to it later.

Little do you know: you’ve got a cavity waiting in your back left molar.

But life in La Mesa is busy and bustling. It pops up again, a month later. Dismiss.

Now, the cavity’s getting worse.

Your teeth won’t wait for you to get over your hesitations and make a dental checkup appointment. Regular dental checkups can keep that cavity from going bad to worse. Keep reading to learn what’s at stake.

Deep Cavities Turn Into Root Canals

Root canals have a reputation for being one of the most painful treatments you can have done on your teeth. And the need for a root canal is born from a deep cavity.

A deep cavity is a cavity that’s been left to worsen over time. Read: it hasn’t been checked up on. Thus, the famous root canal can only be prevented regular dental checkups.

Oral Cancer Can Be Stopped

Of the 49,750 Americans that will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, 9,750 of the diagnoses will be fatal.

As far as fatal cancers are concerned, that’s not a hugely staggering number. Know why? Because if it’s found early by your dentist, it’s treatable, with a favorable 1-year outlook.

Your dentist is highly trained to check for signs of oral cancer during regular dental checkups, and this is the only way to catch early signs of the disease while it’s easily treatable.

What Else?

Besides taking care of cavities and checking for oral cancer, there are a slew of other important checks that a dentist makes during a routine exam.

X-rays can show problems with wisdom teeth before they occur, letting you know if and when you need to have them removed. Have you ever felt the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth? You don’t want to.

They will also check for gum disease. If your teeth aren’t regularly cleaned thoroughly, tartar can build up and actually break down your gums, creating infection and forcing your gum to pull away from your teeth. This can be really painful and, if not treated, eventually lead to bone decay.

Your dentist can also check your head, neck, jaw, and lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes can lead to a lot of problems, including hormonal imbalances and migraines. If you struggle with chronic headaches, you might have lymph node issues and not even know it.

Regular Dental Checkups: More Than Just Teeth

Your dentist isn’t just concerned with your teeth. They’re concerned with your overall health. Every part of our body works together to function properly, and your teeth and mouth are crucial parts of that system.

Take care of them. It’s recommended to visit a dentist for a checkup every six months. Schedule an appointment with us in La Mesa, California today.