diet for healthy teeth

Healthy Diet, Healthy Smile: The Best Diet for Healthy Teeth

Did you know that over 90% of Americans currently have some form of tooth decay?

Even if you brush your teeth the right way, don’t smoke, and practice other healthy oral hygiene habits?

You still need to think about developing a diet for healthy teeth.

But what are some of the most delicious foods that are good for your teeth?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Almonds

You know that almonds are great for your heart — but they should also be part of your diet for healthy teeth.

They are chocked full of calcium and protein. However, they’ll give you all of those awesome nutrients without exposing you to too much sugar.

For best results, we suggest stirring in a handful with your morning oatmeal, or even tossing them on top of a salad instead of croutons.

2. Yogurt

We know that you might be surprised to see yogurt on a list of healthy food for teeth.

But remember that it’s also a calcium-rich food.

Plus, it also contains what are called probiotics, which are the “good” kind of bacteria. This isn’t just good for your teeth — it’s also great for your gums.

This is because all those good bacteria will ensure that the bad bacteria that can cause gum disease don’t stand a chance.

Just avoid yogurts with added sugar and sweet toppings.

3. Carrots

Can the crunch of carrots really be good for your teeth?

Yes — because carrots contain high amounts of fiber and Vitamin A, both of which are great for your teeth and gums.

What’s even more interesting about carrots?

Eating them causes your mouth to make more saliva. While this might sound a little gross, it actually helps to lower your overall risk for developing cavities.

Plus, carrots are also awesome sources of nutrition that will benefit your entire body!

4. Apples

The good news?

You can still have at least something sweet in your diet for healthy teeth — apples.

The reason why apples are ok?

Like carrots, they’re high in fiber. But they also contain lots of water, which helps to kick out that nasty bacteria that often sets up shop in your mouth.

Plus, the texture of the skin actually helps to stimulate and strengthen your gums.

We guess the famous phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has been right all along!

Slice them up and enjoy them as a perfect on the go snack.

Start Your Diet for Healthy Teeth Today

We hope that this post has encouraged you to add a few of the foods on this list to your diet for healthy teeth.

Whether you’re snacking on carrots or munching on almonds, we know your mouth will thank you — in more ways than one!

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We can’t wait to help make your smile bigger and better than ever.