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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implant Restoration

If you want people to think you are intelligent, smile more?

That’s the conclusion of a peer-reviewed scientific study published in PLoS One and reported in the Washington Post. If the condition of your teeth makes a difference to how confident you are about smiling you might need dental implant restoration.

Having people see you as intelligent could be good for your career and relationships. A big smile is contagious and makes you and other people feel good but it’s hard to smile when you don’t feel good about your teeth.

If you have a problem with your dental implants then you need to read this article. Here are 4 things you need to know.

1. What Is Dental Implant Restoration

What is dental implant restoration?

A dental implant is a threaded screw made of titanium that is fitted to replace the root of a tooth. After the gums and bone heal, a crown is fitted to the implant.

The terminology “restoration” is referring to the replacement or false tooth. The replacement tooth looks and performs in a very similar way to a normal natural tooth. This means that when smile your replacement teeth and your real teeth blend together giving you that confident look.

2. Who Has Dental Implant Restoration?

People with missing or damaged teeth may benefit from this procedure. You may find dentures are uncomfortable and you may not want a dental bridge. The care and feel of dentures may be off-putting.

The greater reliability and natural appearance of dental implant restoration may appeal to you.

3. What Is the Procedure?

There are a number of steps.

The dentist fits the implant into your jawbone, under anesthetic. There is then a healing stage which can take 4-6 months. A crown is then fitted to the implant.

The dentist will use a mold to take an impression of your teeth. You do this by biting into dental putty. This is then sent to a laboratory who make your custom designed restoration.

The custom-designed crown perfectly matches your other teeth.

4. Is This a Long-Term Solution?

Dental implants are a long-term solution for many people. Many people having this kind of procedure are approaching middle age and can expect their implants to give them a lifetime of service. The crown might need some maintenance or even replacement but this is not common.

Want to Know More?

Losing a tooth can be the result of decay, disease or injury. If you have lost or damaged a tooth there are many dental solutions. It’s always best to talk to a professional about what solution is best for you.

Losing a tooth can have an emotional as well as physical impact. If you are suffering pain then this needs resolving. You may want your smile and your confidence back too.

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