5 Tips For Booking a Dentist Appointment in La Mesa

Is it time to make a dentist appointment?

While it’s recommended for adults to visit the dentist one to two times a year, survey results show that 34 percent of the American population did not visit a dentist last year at all. 

In addition, nearly 75 percent of American adults have various forms of gum disease and don’t even know it.

That’s why it’s important to schedule a dentist appointment no matter how unappealing it may sound. Children especially need to see the dentist twice a year while their teeth are coming in. If you or your child have a fear of the dentist, keep reading to learn how you both can survive your appointment.

1. Make a Special Playlist for Your Appointment

Download relaxing, calming music to fill your ears during your appointment. Bring your earbuds so you hear this meditating music in place of the dental equipment going to work. This kind of music can distract you from fears you may have at your appointment.

Search for anxiety meditation, ocean waves, or even yoga music on most music platforms to find soothing songs for your playlist.

Your child will love the calming music as well! Music is a great way to help calm their nerves.

2. Communicate With Your Dentist About Your Fears

Be open and honest with your dentist if you’re afraid or if your child is afraid. This helps the dentist to address your fears. Let the dentist know why it may be difficult for you. 

Don’t be shy. Dentists have seen it before and are completely understanding of any fear or anxiety. When they’re aware of your fears, they can make the experience better for you.

3. Count Through It

This mental trick will help you brave your dentist appointment. When the dental work begins, start counting backward from 100. Count slowly and visualize the numbers as you go. Restart your count every time the dental hygienist takes a break.

Breathe slowly as you think about each number and the appointment will go by in no time.

4. Make the Visits Short

Some dental procedures may take up to a couple hours. If the idea of having work done for that long is too much for you, consider making shorter appointments to complete the work. 

Of course, this means multiple trips to the dentist. Think about which is harder for you – longer visits or multiple visits close together?

5. Visit the Dentist Regularly

To prevent problems and more dental work, never miss a regular dentist appointment. The more you go and get your routine cleanings, you’re more likely to steer clear from bigger problems than can lead to bigger procedures.

Stick to the twice-a-year recommendation to keep your teeth in good condition.

Book Your La Mesa Dentist Appointment Today!

With these five tips, making your appointment will be a breeze. Relax even more by booking a dentist you can trust and feel comfortable with. Schedule an appointment with Collaborative Dental today!