Soft Tissue Laser

4 Patient Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

Dental technology is constantly and rapidly evolving.

This means more options for patients in terms of the dental improvements they can make, as well as less painful procedures with faster healing times.

One of these advances is the use of soft tissue laser surgery to cut through the gums without the use of a scalpel.

Dentists use soft tissue lasers for procedures such as reshaping gums for an improved smile. These lasers are also used to gain access to wisdom teeth, or to remove an infection from previous dental implants.

Read on to learn the four main benefits that soft tissue lasers offer for gum surgery patients.

1. Less Painful Procedure

Often, the anesthesia injection is the most painful part of dental and gum surgery. This is especially true for palatal injections, which can cause extreme pain for patients.

Gum surgery using soft tissue lasers instead of a scalpel causes much less damage to the gums and is far less painful.

This means that dentists can perform surgery with less anesthesia. In some cases, anesthesia may not be necessary at all.

2. Reduced Bleeding

Soft tissue lasers use a light wavelength that water and hemoglobin (the molecule found in blood) absorb easily.

This makes soft tissue lasers perfect for gum work as the lasers cut into the soft tissue while also sealing the exposed blood vessels at the same time.

For this reason, patients will not bleed very much during laser gum surgery. This can eliminate the need for sutures and means that patients will not have to care for open bleeding wounds after surgery.

3. Quicker and Easier Healing Process

After gum surgery performed with a scalpel, patients will usually be in a great deal of pain and discomfort when the anesthesia wears off.

But, as soft tissue laser surgery causes less damage to gums, the recovery process is a lot quicker and far less painful for patients.

And, as the healing process is initiated a lot faster with laser surgery, the patient will experience much less inflammation and swelling after the procedure. Inflammation can often cause difficulty with speaking and eating so laser gum surgery can help patients avoid this.

4. Reduced Chance of Infection

Soft tissue lasers also sterilize the gums, meaning that there is a greatly reduced chance of infection following surgery.

To prevent the small possibility of infection, patients will still need to follow their dentist’s care instructions. This can include rinsing with salt water, using a chlorhexidine oral rinse, and taking care when brushing.

However, patients may not need to take antibiotics after laser gum surgery. This can help to avoid the stomach pains and possible allergic reactions that can occur with antibiotics.

And in cases where the dentist does prescribe antibiotics, patients may be able to take a lower dose.

The Many Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

Gum surgery using soft tissue laser technology means that patients can expect an easier procedure and less recovery time.

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