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3 Reasons You Need Professional Teeth Whitening Services Instead of At-Home Treatments

Are you not completely satisfied with your smile? You’re not alone. Recent surveys indicate that as many as 90% of Americans request teeth whitening services at their dentists’ offices every year.

Of course, there are various DIY teeth whitening products available for over the counter purchase. But if you really want to get that Hollywood smile you’ve been dreaming of, professional teeth whitening is the way to go. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.

Using DIY Kits Can Lead to Tooth Damage and Injury

Many folks opt for DIY tooth whitening kits because they believe it will be cheaper and more convenient than visiting a dentist. In reality, bleaching kits contain powerful chemicals that, if used incorrectly, can cause serious problems.

For instance, some patients using home bleaching kits experience chemical burns on their gums. In other cases, users can have toothaches, nerve damage, and even infections. To avoid these kinds of painful side effects, it’s best to consult an experienced professional.

You Get What You Pay For

While you may pay less for at home teeth whitening kits, but that’s partly because you are receiving an inferior product. DIY kits are not permitted to use the same levels of active ingredients that dentists use in their office. Because of this, they often deliver substandard results.

For instance, one of the most important ingredients in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide. While most home kits only contain 10% hydrogen peroxide, dentists can use up to 35%. Because this chemical should only be used for a brief amount of time, the FDA restricts the potency that laypeople can use at home.

When you have your teeth whitened at a professional’s office, they will use special materials to protect your mouth and gums from the chemicals. These include desensitizing pastes, and special dams to cover your gums.

Laser Lights

While you can theoretically get access to a lot of the same active ingredients at home that dentists use at their offices, one thing you can’t get is the laser lights. Professional teeth whiteners use lasers containing UV lights or argon lasers.

When you use a laser after bleaching, the heat from the light enhances the effectiveness of the chemicals. This also speeds up the whitening process.

After the Teeth Whitening

Whether you whiten your teeth at home or have it done professionally, it’s important to follow certain steps afterward. This will ensure that the whitening is as effective as possible.

For the weeks following your whitening, make sure to avoid liquids that can stain your teeth like wine, tea, and coffee. You should also avoid extremely hot or extremely cold liquids, and your teeth could be extra sensitive for a while.

Get Started With Teeth Whitening Services Today

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why professional teeth whitening services are a great option for folks wanting a whiter smile.

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